MongoLab is now available as AppFog’s newest add-on!

August 8, 2012

Do you like MongoDB? Have you been using AppFog and longing for a way to link up to a hosted Mongo database? Well, you’re in luck, because we at AppFog are announcing today that support for MongoLab is now live as an AppFog add-on.

MongoLab is a great tool because it takes all of the power of MongoDB and adds a whole lot on top: a simple and transparent pricing model, an exquisite REST API, data replication and back-ups, as well as support for a variety of clouds, including Amazon EC2.

And that’s not to mention everything that’s already great about Mongo itself: JavaScript-based querying, JSON all the way down, horizontal scalability, atomic operations, and more.

Setting up MongoLab on AppFog is a cinch. In the console, click on the app(s) that you want to use in conjunction with MongoLab, click on “Add-ons” on the left side, click “Install” in the MongoLabs section, wait 3-5 seconds, and click “Manage” when the add-on is ready to go.

When you click “Manage,” you’ll be directed to a page on the MongoLab site that contains application-specific information, including how to access your MongoLab databases from both the shell and via URI. On that same page, you can add users, get a variety of detailed stats, and much more.

If you want to learn more, we strongly suggest getting in touch with their strong support team at, watching the tutorials on their YouTube channel, or checking out their informative blog.

We’re pretty pumped about offering MongoDB support (through MongoLab and MongoHQ), but rest assured, AppFog users! We’re not finished. A number of other hosted database providers are on our roadmap, including Xeround, RedisToGo, and Memcachier. Keep an eye on this space for announcements.

What a great time to be in web development. *swoon*

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